Best Free Sports Streaming Sites For Watch Live Sports Online

This Tutorial about Best Free Sports Streaming Sites for watch Live Sports Like NBA, NFL, Soccer, NHL, UFC, and Online without registration.

The big games can only be seen on pay channels. But, there are certain websites that allow you to view them without paying a single euro and in high definition. Therefore, in this article we will show you the best Streaming sites to watch sports online without spending money.


Ultimately, the objective of this post will be to show you those sites that broadcast the games without cuts or interruptions, and with the least possible publicity.

What are the best Free Sports Streaming Sites to watch live sports

There are an infinity of sites to watch sports for free, but there are few that offer content at a good quality. That is why, below, we will present you the most recommended websites for their quality in reproduction of sporting events.


VIP League

This website has broadcasts on traditional games such as soccer to the most extravagant ones such as cricket. Its access interface is totally simple.

In addition, that all the games are classified by categories. Among its services, it includes a calendar with all the available games that will be held in the near future, allowing attaching reminders and data tracking.

Once your profile is created, you can customize the platform to your liking with the different themes they offer. You can attach your favorite teams.


Stream2Watch has proven to be one of the best and largest online sports sites out there. Its fame lies in the plurality of the matches it covers and the schedules on the next ones to be broadcast on the platform.

With just one click on Watch now, it allows you to know in detail the signings, starters, brief information of each player and description of the cup.

Almost all services are free. As a weakness, it highlights the large number of advertisements and pop-ups that abound on the site.


It is a free platform that is mainly oriented in soccer events. It has a schedule on its home site that indicates upcoming features available and their importance.

It presents a chat where opinions can be shared in real time with other users of the network. In addition to soccer, it features sports like basketball, wrestling, tennis, formula one, and competitions like MLB and NHL.

Its use is safe and totally legal. However, it has multiple pop-up advertisements during its execution, something that makes it difficult to view the events.

If you are a tennis fan, we also recommend you visit this article about the best sites to watch tennis live online for free.

Live TV

It is a website that provides content from all over the world in real time. It grants broadcast schedules in all current sports disciplines.

It has a Betting section that indicates the predictions of different competitions and also provides a section called Results to see how important matches ended.

Your player is excellent and fast. In addition, it allows you to create an account on the site to post comments and be aware of the next available broadcasts.


Although it is not very popular in terms of security, this site to watch free sports presents high-end channels such as ESPN, DIRECTV Sport, FOX Sport, HBO and many more.

It awards schedules for the next available broadcasts and shows a schedule of all the important content of the day. In addition, it has events from all over the world.

Finally, it presents a connection with Facebook and other social networks. However, it has a lot of publicity, something that makes it difficult to use the platform itself.


It has a sports classification on its home site that makes it easy to locate live streams. It presents high-class events such as world championships, NFC, formula one and many others.

It focuses on the use of channels such as Euro Sport, NBC, FOX Sport, and PV Sport and other live platforms, attaching content totally free.

In addition, sections of European soccer leagues such as La Liga, Serie A, Champions League, Bundesliga and the English Premier League.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best sites to watch sports online that you cannot miss.

Red card

This website has an excellent interface and also does not have so many pop-up ads that interrupt navigation. Its content is exclusive to world-wide or high-class sporting events.

It allows seeing a directory of transmissions where it indicates channel, language in which it will be, quality of the reproduction and schedule. It has a highly efficient search engine that locates content according to a predetermined date.

It also has a digital clock that offers the ability to know the updated time of the site and thus be able to program it according to the next live broadcasts.


It has broadcasts of all kinds of events, although the disciplines of boxing and soccer stand out. It has a section of games in progress that shows the catalog of the day’s transmissions.

It does not require registration to use the player and offers several options to choose from.

The main one is described as Live Video here where it shows the live streams

The second is known as Others where it shows a list of recommended options.

It has an easy-to-use player, which allows you to customize the image quality in HD or SD , as well as providing the option of placing the playback in full size or in miniature.

Batman stream

Until recently this website was put under renovation and ended up improving a large number of reproduction defects that it had previously. Allows content sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

This Site to watch sports online has an online chat with the ability to send emoticons, photos and hashtag of all kinds. It offers more than five replay options for every event you have.

It allows you to search for a specific event with the main attendee who presents, although these are only in terms of the most popular disciplines of today.

ESPN Player

As an offshoot of the famous sports news brand ESPN, this site to watch sports online is the most demanded by users.

The only negative is that it is not available for some countries, you would have to consult its central menu to find out if your country is on that list.

It allows you to easily see all the events in the world of sport live. Without a doubt, it is one of the most used websites to watch sports online.

It supports more than 10 million connected users and has no anomalies or drops. On the other hand, it is one of the few sites to watch sports online that offers real-time UFC matches and wrestling.

How to watch sports online for free without registering?

Now that you know the best sites to watch sports online, we will explain the steps you must follow to be able to correctly view the content you want to see. This explanation will be general, since most of these websites work in the same way:

  • First, you must access the website where you will watch the game.
  • Then, look for the game, which you can easily find if you know the schedule.
  • Once you find it, click on it, and several advertising tabs will start to open, which you will have to close.
  • Finally, you will have to remove the ads that cover the game screen and you will be able to watch sports online for free.
  • If you want to know other articles similar to Sites for free online sports we recommend you visit the Video category.

Best websites to watch sports online

Although it features many pop-up advertisements but Its interface makes it a highly user-friendly site and also offers really reliable channels and live commentators. Its content is also very varied, because it shows from world cups to rankings for important events. There are no interruptions during video playback.

In addition, it allows you to see what language each channel is in before accessing and your player is capable of being configured in terms of volume, sharpness and magnification of the image itself. Therefore, Red Card is in the Top 1 of the best sites to watch sports online.

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