12 Best Sites Like Putlocker, Putlockers Alternative Sites To Stream Movies Free

Putlocker is allows count as the one of the biggest movie streaming site in all time of streaming history. Putlocker is the finest streaming site where you can enjoy unlimited movies, series without paying any cost and registration. In the early age according to Alexa with in very short period of time Putlocker place in top 250 most visited site with almost more than 8 Million active traffic in each day. Pltlockers is started with dot com extension like soap2day.com (putlockers.com) which is the original main site. Due its comfort features with clear navigation visitor allows get attracted with this site. The large number of database and storage of movies from 1940 is the biggest relief of movies lovers. In one words we can say Putlocker is one man army for stream movies and TV series.


Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) of UK was take legal against action with this site and due legal issue (Copy right issue) the main site was band. After ban Putlockers.com with in very short period Putlockers is born again with different extension of Putlocker.is, putlocker.bz and then putlocker.ch. But again same copyright issue no among them is no longer available for long term.

Now For streaming lovers there are many options. That is why hare we store and shortlisted best sites like Putlocker, Putlocker alternative sites to stream movies free in 2021.

Those site are are very similar like Putlockes and you can use then in term one of the alternates of Putlockers. Those similar movie streaming site are registration less with very few pop up ads and you don’t need to buy any subscription package to watch TV shows and films online.

Hare in this tutorial out specialist team are fund best list of alternates of Putlocker. Those are given bellow.

What is Putlocker

Putlocker is the UK based site which is launched in January 2012 for providing online streaming services like movies, TV series, web series and short movies. Another very popular online streaming platform Megaupload is the biggest competitor of Putlocker. But after Megaupload shut down Putlocker was becoming largest and very popular streaming site and it had been assume that Putlocker received more than 1.2 Millions daily visitors which is a huge number for any stream website. But in 2016 Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) thake action agenest Putlocker and due to high court order of UK putlocker.com is no longer. On 2nd November 2016 and 27th February 2017 Putlocker came with dot is and dot ch extension. But now no more Putlocker is available but several mirror or proxy site is available but those are not as good like original one.

Movie Streaming Site Like Putlocker Pros & Cons

In one hand it is no doubt that Putlocker is the one of loyal fan based massive streaming site and on the other hand this site was some mistake which count as its disadvantage.


  1. Huge database of movies and TV shows from 1940
  2. Frequently update movies and series
  3. Free to stream any movies online
  4. Hare you don’t required any registration
  5. High efficiency modern interface along with search option


  1. Lots of pop up ads
  2. Not available HD streaming feature.
  3. Use third party streaming link by using IPTV protocol

12 Best Putlocker Alternative Sites, Putlocker New Sites 2021

#1 Solarmovies

Link- https://www1.solarmovies.co/

solarmovies is the one of the most trending searches for movie streaming purpose. Solarmovies should also same fill like putlocker. This site can fulfill all the criteria of a good streaming site of movies. That is reason we place solarmovies as the top of the listed site which are similar like Putlockers. The huge number of movies collection will confused you to select movie. The home page is design with simple categories (Genres, Years, New Movies and more also). You can watch hare most recent movies and most viewed movies. The representative feature of every movie is quite impressible like rating, actor, genre and much more. Only register users can stream ads free HD quality movies and TV shows. Solarmovies offers you to download movies in HD. Solarmovie is well supportable in mobile devices. “Is register is required to stream movies”? NO, “Is this site is free”? YES!

#2 losmovies

Link- https://www.losmovies.us/

losmovies is conceder one of the major alternates of Putlocker from log time. This site offers you to stream unlimited movies at free. This site has massive collection of all genres movies like Action movies, Sci-Fi Movies, comedy, horror, drama and much more. For streaming purpose losmovies is very similar site like Putlocker because like putlocker hare you can watch unlimited movies without fill out any registration form (if video quality if 720P HD then Registration required). The landing home page is very easily design which boost user interface and addicted to visit this site again.

#3 moviewatcher

Link- https://moviewatcher.is/

Most professional looking movie streaming site is moviewatcher. This site is well organized in each part with beautiful layout. The interface of this site is not less than a beautiful place. This site never asks you for registration or payment for stream movies online. Moviewatcher is work impressively in mobile surface also. There is no deficiency of movies and TV shows. Huge organize playlist library give us moviewatcher more significant. moviewatcher contain less amount of irritating pop up ads, As we compare with other movie streaming sites.


#4 123-movies

Link- https://ww.123-movies.com/

123-movies is another most prominent and convenience safe site for online stream movies. 123-movies is loyal alternate of putlocker. 123-movies is mainly focus on entertainment.  This site is worked with every detailing of movies and TV shows like release date, country, IMDb rating. As like Putlocker hare you don’t need any sign up for watch movie online. This site has huge collection of every genres movie (Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Romance, Horror, Sci-Fi and Sport) and series with More than 1218 pages. This site is allows updated and frequently updated movies and TV shows every time. As like many streaming site many irrelevant ads and pop up ads are the one of the major drawback of this site.

#5 Popcorn-Time

Link- https://popcorn-time.ch/

Popcorn-time is mainly design for movies and TV series lovers. Popcorn-time is one of the very popular movie streaming sites. This is the wander place to watch free movies in HD quality. This site use third party streaming link from torrent. So this site is not totally safe.

#6 megasharesc

Link- http://www1.megasharesc.com/


megasharesc is the king of streaming world at this time. You can also use this site as best alternates of Putlockers. Megasharesc is the most convenient and promising streaming facility provider. This website has huge collection movies and TV series with user friendly interface. It’s no matter where are you from and what you want to watch, the only this matter in megasharesc is your internet Wi-Fi speed. According to your Wi-Fi speed quality of video is varying.

#7 watchtvseries

Link- https://watchtvseries.io/

In terms of TV series streaming site like watchtvseries is the best alternate of Putlockers. If you are the TV series lover then watchtvseries will be not less than haven. The Putlocker fans who mostly like watch TV series must check this site at list one time. This site has full collection of the entire TV series episode with IMDb rating. This site well categories various genres TV series of Action, Adventure, Animation and Biography. The entire TV series available in this site is HD quality. The advance search option like Genres and year of release series make comfort to find any movies and TV shoes easily. Hare you also download any series but several logistic pop up ads make you irritate some time (Must active ads blocker before use this site).

#8 moonline

Link- https://moonline.ws/

moonline is another finest movie streaming site as you can steam movies on your mobile, tab or laptop. Hare all the movies are stored by alphabetically with fine detailing of IMDb rating and quality. Landing page is very well organized. Before start watches any movie you can watch any movies Synopsis and rating which is the unique feature of Moonline. Totally no sign up required for streaming any movies. This site is quite comfortable on mobile devices. Moonline is one of the very few sites where you can stream movies in HD (720P) and ultra HD (1080P) quality. Replay Video Capture is the additional feature included by this site which helps you to convert and capture the movie which you previously watch out. So without any hesitation you can consider moonline is one of the best alternate or same sites like Putlocker.

#9 5movies

Link- https://5movies.run/

If you finding a site where you can download movies along with streaming then 5movies will give you such promises. 5movies is another level power database of different movies and web series. The advanced filter option will help you find any movies inside 5movies. Here, you can spend lots of time with full length movies in HD quality. hare you don’t need any sign up for streaming purpose. If you bore with other movie streaming site then you must use this website as another similar site like putlocker.

#10 popcornflix

Link- https://www.popcornflix.com/

For movies lover’s popcornflix is no more new for them. Popcornflix is the best alternate of Putlocker. But there are some limited countries like USA; UK only can use this site. Popcornflix is the finest movie and TV shows streaming site with reasonable streaming speed and very high video quality. For permanent support you can use their app also for android and ios.

#11 cmovies

Link- https://cmovies.tv/

cmovies is another streaming site like Putlockers. The layout and design of cmovies is very similar like Solarmovie. Hare you can stream full length movies and TV series without any registration. This site contains vast storage of every category including Action, Adventure, Documentary, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi Animation, Crime, Biography, Comedy and more, All latest collection of different country different language movies and TV shows. So as per my opinon must try CMovies as another alternates of Putlocker.

#12 vexmovies

Link- http://vexmovies.org/

Don’t this that vexmovies is not as good as like other Sites like Putlocker. Vexmovies can make strong challenge any movie streaming site in each category. Hare the site is well developed and nice deviate in to Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror and Science Fiction. This site offers you to stream movies in full HD version. This site added additional features like trailer, complete cast, rating and more.

Security Tools for Visit Site like Putlocker

Many of the streaming is harmful because those sites contain lots of malware, virus which may damage or hack your device. On the other hand as we all know streaming from non authorized site is count as cyber crime. That is the reason the putlocker was ban. There are several tools are available for safe mode browsing with this streaming platform.

  1. Use VPN To Hide Your Location

VPN is use to developed virtual cannel between you and the website. VPN is the one of the best Safely and Anonymously way to visit any movie streaming site like Putlocker. VPN main work to hide customer IP address by which no one can be tress you.

For movie streaming online most recomanded VPN use is NordVPN (Paid Version).

  1. Go to NordVPN Official Site- https://nordvpn.com/
  2. Choose and Buy any of plain
  3. Now fill registration form and active account
  4. Now download and active NordVPN using user id and password


  1. Use Ads Blocker To Stop Ads

Those streaming sites are full of irrelevant pop up ads which may cause irritation during watch movies. That is why most popular ads blocker Adblock Plus is use before visited those alternates site.

Common FAQ About Putlocker Alternative Sites

#1 Is Sites Like Putlocker is Safe?

Yes! Defiantly safe. But make sure VPN is turn on before enter those sites. Otherwise there is no issue to earn unlimited entertainment.

#2 Is Sites Like Putlocker is Safe in USA, Australia?

Yes! The entire sites are safe and legal at this time in USA as well as Australia. Although those similar sites are not permanent, so allows update with us to get life time fun and entertainment on stream field.

#3 Is Putlocker Down?

Various legal issues are hits many times on Putlocker and Yes! Now Putlocher is down. But that’s the reason hare we collect best 12 alternates like Putlockers.

#4 Is Site Like Putlocker Virus Free?

No! Mostly all the free movie streaming sites are not allows virus free. Make sure you device is protected by antivirus to avoid virus and malware. And use ads blocker to block pop up ads.

#5 Is Sites Like Putlocker is Ligal?

This is the million dollars question. The answer will both yes and no. legality depends on many things like low of that country, website and many these. If you use VPN, ads blocker then you doesn’t need to worry.

“N: B; if you have other quarry about this article comment us bellows, we will feed back you as quick as possible.”


Those above describe sites are best 12 alternates of Putlockers. If you ensure security by VPN then those site is the best place to watch movies and TV series online at free. Those listed site are not exactly same like Putlocker, there are little difference in video quality and interface. Although this is not the ending list if we get another similar site like Putlocker then we update out list. Now time to enjoy movies.

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